Accounts Receivable

January 31, 2016

The MorStock® Accounts Receivable module is a system, which maintains accurate customer and receivables information, provides complete audit trails and optionally posts to General Ledger. Interaction with General Ledger can be automatic and allows great flexibility. MorStock® gives you the ability to have multiple Sold To customers within each Bill To, or parent, company. The open AR document record contains both customer codes, permitting inquiry and reporting by either Sold To or Bill To customer.
The system has been designed so that all transactions will produce a printed audit trail. This provides the secure feeling that all information is traceable throughout the system. Instructional prompts, default values and on-line help promote both operator efficiency and comfort in using the system.

Major Features

  • Cash Receipts & Adjustments Entry
  • Cash Receipts & Adjustments Register
  • Document Change Maintenance
  • Credit Posting Update
  • AR Hold Selection
  • Dunning Letter Edit List
  • Returned Check Entry
  • Returned Check Register
  • Close Paid Documents
  • Statement Print
  • Service Charge Register
  • Customer Ledger cards Removal
  • Customer Inquiry
  • SO Document Inquiry
  • Price Inquiry
  • Aged Trial Balance
  • Open Receivables Report
  • Payment History Report
  • Ship To Report
  • Ship To Label Print
  • Register History Report
  • Customer Maintenance
  • Ship To Maintenance
  • Payment History Maintenance
  • Customer Aging Recalculation
  • Setup
  • Salesperson Maintenance
  • Customer Category Maintenance
  • Customer Price Class Maintenance
  • AR Adjustment Code Maintenance
  • Region Maintenance
  • Register History Maintenance
  • AR GL Table
  • Maintenance
  • AR Control Maintenance