Purchase Orders

January 31, 2016

The MorStock® Purchase Orders module helps you to create and maintain accurate vendor and purchasing information. This ensures that you order the right merchandise at the right time, that your order arrives on time and at the correct price.
The system tracks purchase orders through initial entry to the receipt of merchandise and the receipt of the invoice. Vendor performance is tracked to provide history for future buying decisions. Discrepancies in the quantities and costs of the items received and the invoice are tracked and reported for accurate record keeping.
All transactions produce a printed audit trail, which gives you the security of knowing that all information is traceable throughout the system. Instructional prompts, default values, and online help promote both operator efficiency and comfort in using the system.

Major Features

  • PO Receipts
  • Non PO Receipts
  • Receipts Register
  • Document Fill Report
  • Auto Commit Backorders
  • PO Receipts by Item
  • GRN Print
  • Item Inquiry
  • Vendor Inquiry
  • PO Document Inquiry
  • Suggested PO Report
  • PO Status Report
  • Receiving Schedule
  • PO Receipts Report
  • Un-Invoiced Receipts Report
  • Vendor Return Report
  • Vendor/Item History Report
  • IP Shipment Listing
  • Vendor/Item Maintenance
  • Warehouse Vendor/Item Maintenance
  • Manual Cost Change Update
  • Buyer Maintenance
  • PO Control Maintenance
  • Past PO Removal